The Basic Bible Atlas

John A. BeckFrom beginning to end, the Bible tells a story that is always somewhere.  It begins with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and ends when the descendants of Adam and Eve enter the new Jerusalem.  This introductory atlas uses words and maps to trace the story of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. It investigates the roles that  places play in shaping its story and message.

Place matters.  No one fully understands our story unless they know where we are from.  The same is true of the story told in the Bible. Here you will discover the vital relationship between the story, the land, the lesson, and you.  For some of what the Lord has to say to us he has said using geography.

“This atlas is a delightful foray into the real world of the Bible. In it, John Beck has woven the narrative line of the Bible into its geographical context, showing us how to read the land as we read the text. The result is a rich tapestry that gives vibrancy to our Bible reading and grounds its claims on our lives.”

      Paul H. Wright, Jerusalem University College

“John Beck’s episodic presentation in The Basic Bible Atlas takes you on a delightful journey from the garden lost to a soon-to-be-made-new garden where mankind’s broken image will be repaired and restored. Along the way, God’s abundant grace and mercy come clearly and easily into view. It is an atlas every Christian must have to aid in their walk with the Lord.”

      Rev. Robert Chew, senior pastor, Moriah Bible Presbyterian Church,             Singapore

“Far more than just another book of maps, this work is invaluable for anyone who has ever tried to thread the stories of the Bible into a cohesive narrative. Using his astute understanding of geography as an organizing principle of Scripture, John Beck takes the reader on the long journey from Genesis to Revelation, where the story of salvation begins and ends in the same garden. Biblical history flows like the rivers of the Fertile Crescent in this interpretive resource not to be missed by any serious student of Scripture who is ready to think about the Bible in a whole new way.”

      Chappell Temple, PhD, lead pastor, Christ Church of Sugar Land                   (Texas)

“John Beck has provided students of Scripture another helpful resource to assist us as we study the Bible. The Basic Bible Atlas will provide an entrance point for both new and seasoned believers who want to connect the Bible’s content with the Bible’s geography. This relatively brief volume provides a geographically rich survey of the metanarrative of Scripture. Those geographical dimensions deepen our understanding of Scripture and add vividness and color to our preaching and teaching of its truths.”

      Michael A. Grisanti, professor of Old Testament, The Master’s                       Seminary, Sun Valley, CA

“As one of many who have walked the biblical land with John, this narrative felt like sitting at the feet of one of the elders and hearing our family story of salvation. John helps us ponder our deep roots in the land, reminding us that the God who forgives us and is with us, is also the one who writes the beginning and end of our story. In my own role as a pastor who desires to make the Bible come alive for people, John assists me in explaining how the land God gave his people became an intersection of influence to the world and the place from which to broadcast his glory. The reader will be able to ground historical theology in the actual soil on which so much of the Bible unfolds and will better understand the complete story from Genesis to Revelation.”

      Jim Halbert, lead pastor, Crossroads Community Church, Nampa, ID

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